Cause And Treatments Of Acne

Teenage may be the worst period in a person's life. At the time when you will want to be the prettiest among all, these may be quite embarrassing. Often teenagers are prone to acne, commonly called pimples than adults. It is best to keep your head cool and stop worrying as these are just a welcoming sign of your adulthood.
Most people make the mistake of treating themselves without knowing what are the causes and treatments of acne. Worst, they will start scratching or bursting them out with their fingers. The best step one should take is to know the root causes and treatments of acne. After knowing the causes and which types of acne you have then only you get the green signal to go for the treatments. But if your pimples grow worst, then visiting a qualified dermatologist is recommended.
Girls and boys during puberty in the early stages are prone to pimples due to the hormonal changes and imbalance. It is at this time the skin tries to adjust with the hormonal changes taking place in the body. The thousand oil glands mostly between the nose and cheek areas function to lubricate the skin by producing natural oil and sebum and make the skin soft and moisturized. The oil cells die and shed off during the skin's renewal process which is called sloughing. During this process of renewal, some people slough unevenly which results in the dead cells to be sticky and later clog together and form a plug. These plugs formed during this uneven shedding process traps oil and bacteria inside the follicles which then start to form a lump as the skin continues to its process of producing oils. The body's defense system then sends white blood corpuscles which attacks the bacteria resulting into a pimple breakout.
Acne in medical term is 'zits' of which the most common is acne vulgaris which are in different shapes and sizes. Acne vulgaris can also be called as global skin problem. They leave the skin on the face, back, neck and upper portion of the chest red and swollen and irritating which become worst when left untreated properly. The skin gets protruded and the puss oozes out.
Acne can be classified into physiological and clinical acne. The first one is harmless and can be treated overtime with simple medicines and care, while the latter one needs compulsory medical attention.
The mild acne or physiological acne should be treated first by washing the area at least three to four times a day with warm water and an oil free soap or acne clearing face wash. However, do not over wash, as frequent washing can harm the skin's natural oil production and leave your skin dry and scaly. Then, splash with cold water or pat the skin dry and dab with cotton soaked in astringent to close the open pores. In addition to cleansing, you can choose some over the counter medicines or creams. But be sure to buy a product that is always oil free and with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which kills the bacteria on the epidermis.
Diet is one of the most important skin care regime one should follow to prevent further outbreak of pimples. Avoid spicy and oily foods. Aerated drinks also cause pimples to grow more. Drink as much water as possible to flush out the toxins in the body. Lime juice mixed with rosemary show visible results if applied regularly at least twice a week. Applying garlic juice is also a good remedy. Applying sandalwood not only heals the acne but also further prevents them from occurring.
Assuming these, we can say that understanding the causes and treatments of acne available, there is nothing to worry about. These skin problems if cared properly will fade overtime. But if you think the situation to be growing worst, do visit a qualified dermatologist who will provide you with the right treatment and further tips.
By Javies Phaltual

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