Tips and Tricks to Look Beautiful

Beauty is the heart and soul of looking stunning. The word 'beauty' has quite a few synonyms like cute, smart, gorgeous, handsome,good looking, stylish and above all beautiful.

In taking good care of your body means taking care of your self. First and far most you need to regulate your life style, next you need to discover the ways of living, and then you need to monitor yourself with proper care. This simply means you don't need to put in any extra effort. You only need to put in the minimum required attention to achieve the beauty you desire.

How do you accomplish this?

Listed here are few suggestions that will make you noticeable in the crowd and your body healthy, sexy and overall beautiful.

1. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water on a regular basis, having more water will cut your appetite, thus making you less hungry. Being less hungry you now will consume fewer meals and therefore help you to become fit and in shape. This also will provide you with more energy.

2. You may drink water at regular interval, lets say a half an hour or so. This can be done anywhere. It can be done while at work or while you are traveling to and from each of your destinations. Just always keep you water bottle with you.

3. Stay on a balanced weight loss program that is wealthy in carbohydrates, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and good fats.

4. Reduce the calories; don't eat food that provides high calories and even fewer nutrients.

5. Nutrients are essential to keep you from getting sick and thus this will help you in being beautiful.

6. Take some beetroot, cut into small pieces and grind. Squeeze it and massage your face for five minutes with beetroot juice. Wash / bathe after 10 minutes with a gentle cleaning soap or gram flour. You'll feel relaxed and your face will glow.

7. Mix honey in water, and drink it daily in the morning. This will maintain your skin to stay shiny and smooth.

8. Massage your body with milk. Moisturizer in the milk will preserve your skin to remain smooth and healthy.

9. Room temperature should be kept moderate, utilizing humidifier. This will keep your skin away from dryness.

10. In case you take a bathe or shower too long, the dead skin of your body gets automatically removed. Don't rub your body with towel. Be gentle to your skin by patting it dry.

11. If you travel out into the sun, your skin will lose its fairness. Take cucumber juice and tomato juice then apply it to your skin. After applying the juices shower after 10 minutes. It will help return your skin to being fair.

So take care of your body, you can stay healthy, good-looking, and beautiful.

By Dee K. Brown

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