Minka Kelly Named Sexiest Woman Alive - The Natural Beauty Accepts Her Flaws

Minka Kelly is having a pretty good month. First, she's rumored to have snagged the title role in David Kelley's upcoming reboot of "Wonder Woman" for the small screen, and now, she's been named the "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire magazine (nothing to sniff at considering that past title holders include Jessica Biel and Halle Berry), and with her amazing natural beauty, who's surprised?

The former scrub nurse has come a long way since she first landed the part of a high school cheerleader on "Friday Night Lights" four years ago. Growing up with her single mom, who was an exotic dancer, she never really had much, as she relates in the "Esquire" article, and they moved around a lot. But life had big things in store for her and now here she is -- on the cover of magazines, in people's living rooms and, oh, dating one of the world's most famous baseball players, a pretty good shortstop named Derek Jeter.

And, at the age of 30, Kelly's somewhat of an anomaly - she's actually happy to be out of her twenties and growing older. As she told "Esquire," I'm so excited to be a woman. Done with the twenties. I'm confident — confident in my skin, and I'm cool with my flaws and all that stuff. It just feels nice to be at peace with yourself. I think my thirtieth birthday gave me permission to have all that. The twenties were a pain in the ass — figuring it all out. What am I doing? Where do I go?"

For now, she's going nowhere but UP. There's a new movie, co-starring "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester called "The Roommate," that's coming out in February and, all the Wonder Woman brouhaha. Oh, and the little matter of being chosen "Sexiest Woman Alive" is nothing to sneeze at.

The November issue of "Esquire" is on stands now.

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